Items Wanted in Tifton, GA

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8 hours ago Tifton, GA Items Wanted
I got sick and was in the hospital for a couple months. During this time my mom stored my things in her barn and they got ruined during a storm. I saved enough money to get a new place and all I have left is my couch and love seat, along with a recliner. I am having gastric bypass next month to fix my stomach going into necrosis, I am in desperate need of a bed. I was hurt in Iraq where they cu...
8 hours ago Tifton, GA Items Wanted
Disabled older adult. Have cataracts and reading glasses don't help much. I go stir crazy at doctor appointments with nothing to do. I got a smart phone through LifeLine, and I'm on my third replacement. I would just like to go through email, or look at something while I wait. Nothing fancy, but with a little size to make it easier for me to read. Doesn't need to be new. I'm OCD, and as I said,...
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